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About Us

Phanna Beauty Express was born out of a passion for making beauty services accessible and time-friendly. Our founder, Ms. So, envisioned a beauty destination that caters to the modern individual who values efficiency without sacrificing self-care. What started as a vision has now blossomed into a beauty haven that combines expertise, innovation, and convenience.

Our mission is simple — to empower you to express your beauty in the most convenient way possible. Whether you have a hectic schedule or just prefer a quick beauty fix, Phanna is here to redefine the beauty experience. We believe that beauty rituals should enhance your life, not complicate it, and we're committed to bringing you express services that deliver stunning results



Tailored Beauty Experiences:

Unlike generic beauty services, Phanna Express takes the time to understand the unique needs and preferences of each client. Whether it's a specific skincare concern, a desired makeup look, or a particular hairstyling request, we go the extra mile to customize our services to meet individual expectations.

This commitment to personalization ensures that our clients receive not just a service, but an experience that aligns perfectly with their beauty goals.


Innovative Beauty Solutions:

Phanna Express is always at the forefront of the beauty industry, keeping up with the latest trends and technology in skincare and hairstyling.

At Phanna Express, clients can expect to receive both traditional beauty services and the latest advancements and trends in the beauty industry. We always strive to provide a contemporary and effective beauty experience that is aligned with the forefront of beauty innovations. Our services are constantly evolving to meet the dynamic needs of our clients, ensuring they receive the best possible experience.

Expertly Trained Professionals:

Each member of the Phanna Express team undergoes rigorous training and stays updated on the latest trends and techniques in the beauty industry. This dedication to continuous learning ensures that clients receive top-notch service from knowledgeable and experienced beauty professionals.

Whether it's a cutting-edge hairstyle, the latest makeup trends, or advanced skincare treatments, clients can trust Phanna Express to deliver beauty services with the utmost expertise.


MEET THE Founder and Creative Visionary 

Phanna So


Phanna So is a woman of remarkable talent and ambition. Originally hailing from Cambodia, she had spent the last fifteen years building her career in the beauty industry. Her journey had taken her from prestigious full-service salons in Los Angeles to high-end establishments in Phoenix, Arizona.

Equipped with a California and Maryland beauty license and years of experience, Phanna envisioned bringing beauty directly to people's doorsteps. She founded her own company specializing in mobile beauty services. With her versatile beauty studio, Phanna transformed how people experience beauty services. Her team of skilled professionals could turn any location into a salon, offering everything from haircuts and styling to nail care and makeup artistry.

Phanna's clients loved the convenience of her services, whether they were busy professionals in Elkridge, Hanover, Jessup, and surrounding areas along with the Maryland Live Casino & Hotel. She had not only built a successful business but also a bridge between her Cambodian roots and her American dream, one beauty service at a time.

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